Live music inspires millions of people around the world, but all of the concerts we enjoy would not be possible without the myriad of crew members working behind the scenes – they are the backbone of the live music industry, helping artists and fans who To make the show an unforgettable moment.

The live events industry has been one of the hardest hit by the corona pandemic. Since the beginning of March there has been an absolute standstill on all stages of modern pop culture and no one knows how long this situation will last. Due to this state of emergency, the people behind the scenes in particular became unemployed from one day to the next: These include technicians, construction workers, stage builders, caterers, stewards, bus and truck drivers.

The organizer  Live Nation   has therefore founded the non-profit organization Crew Nation eV to solicit donations. The non-profit association will distribute the proceeds to the solo self-employed in the industry who are in financial distress.

Together we raise our voices so that our crews and the people behind the scenes are heard, and we hope that you will join us to support them in these difficult times with the aim of supporting the helpers, the victims the crisis have become.